the digital equilibrium project

Stewart Baker, Former 1st Assistant Secretary of DHS General Counsel of the NSA
Tim Belcher, Former CTO, RSA
Jim Bidzos, Chairman and CEO, Verisign
Art Coviello, 
Former Executive Chairman, RSA
Dr. Ann Cavoukian, Ph.D., 
Exec. Director of the Privacy & Big DataInstitute at Ryerson University
Larry Clinton, 
President and CEO, Internet Security Alliance
Michael Chertoff, 
Exec Chairman, The Chertoff Group U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security 
Richard Clarke, 
Former White House Advisor, Chairman & CEO, Good Harbor Security Risk Management
Edward Davis, 
Former Boston Police Commissioner
Brian Fitzgerald, 
Chief Marketing Officer, Veracode
Kasha Gauthier, 
Program Committee Co-Chair, NICE, Advisor, Boston College Cybersecurity MS Program
J. Trevor Hughes, 
President and CEO, International Association of Privacy Professionals
Michael McConnell, 
Former Director of the NSA and Director of National Intelligence
Nuala O’Connor, 
President and CEO, Center for Democracy and Technology
JR Williamson, 
Corporate Chief Information Officer, Northrop Grumman